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to redo or rework; something one
does when it is necessary to make alterations

In the spirit of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, THE Dubber confronts the world with only his words and a guitar. The self- taught singer/songwriter continues to reinvents himself by infusing musical styles for over 30 years. America's Rock, Jazz and Folk, flavored by the international sounds of Reggae, Armenian Music and Afro Beat, is the complex stew that helps him express his blues and completes such a distinctive sound. 

Since 2005, the Washington DC born / South Carolina based artist has been trailblazing across the country and abroad with an honest and intimate stage show. His sophisticated one man band guitar style and universal message of Oneness, keeps THE Dubber booked year round. Always a crowd favorite, he has played prestigious event and venues such as South by Southwest Music Conference, South Carolina State Museum and the House of Blues.

With three albums, radio airplay and multiple tours under his belt. The South Carolina Arts Commission grant recipient and current Richland Library's Artist-in-Residence is feeling very optimistic about his continuing musical journey. Give Thanks.


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Edgefield, SC

Email: booking@thedubber.com
Website: www.THEDubber.com

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