An electrifying combination of a powerful vocalist, powerhouse guitarist and a phenomenal drummer/percussionist. A movement of expression for the future, the present and the past.

Othello’s Delight is sure to satisfy your craving for music that’s been missing and hidden from the masses.


About the band

THE Dubber

In the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, THE Dubber confronts the world with only his words and a guitar. The self- taught singer/songwriter continues to reinvents himself by infusing styles from a 30 year musical journey. America's Rock, Jazz and Funk, flavored by the International sounds of Reggae, Middle Eastern Folk and Afro Beat, is the complex stew that helps him express his blues and completes such a distinctive sound. Click Here to read more...

K. Ford

Imagine having a cutting edge runway walk with a graceful demeanor. A sultry yet soulful voice which exemplifies melodic affirmation and passion. Lyrics that bring a poetic energy but are heartfelt, truthful and flooring. Southern bred and raised; K.Ford's intense passion for music was developed on the Echoes musical choir.  Click Here to read more...

Don Laurin

"From the heartbeat comes voice and rhythm." Don Laurin uses his hands and his voice to produce Afro-Diasporic music ranging from Delta Blues to Yoruba chant. An avid street performer, he has taken the raw sound of a busker and blended it into a driving rhythmic poetry reminiscent of Gil Scott-Heron.

Tour Dates

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